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We look Forward To Getting to know
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We look Forward To Getting to know
you and to helping you take your
business to new heights!

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Here at SG-FS we offer a range of different financial services. Please find examples on the right, if you want to find out more information please click discover below to find out more.


We have a range of Investments to suit our clients.…



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SG Financial Services is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers based in Southport but with offices across the UK. We have a team of 9 highly qualified advisers with specialities to cover every aspect of financial planning.
Our aim is to provide you with the most suitable, unbiased, independent financial advice to enable you to achieve your financial goals.
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Independent Financial Advisers represent the top tier financial advisory services in the UK.

Independent means you will receive unbiased advice – we are not tied to any institution, so we are free to advise and recommend whatever we feel is the most appropriate solution for you and your unique circumstances.

Our IFA’s have a very high level of qualifications and experience in the industry and you will receive the most up to date professional advice.


Financial Advice has never been free.  Paying for high-quality professional financial advice can ensure that you are able to develop a ‘holistic’ financial planning strategy that will enable you to become financially independent by protecting and growing your wealth.  Professional financial advice will take into account your attitude to investment risk, the amount of money you have to invest, how long you have to invest the money and whether or not you need an income.

Without professional financial advice you could risk making costly mistakes.

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